July 25,1981, the Prince was born

Happy 33rd Birthday,Fergal “Prince” Devitt

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Q: Let’s talk Allison’s death.
Eaddy: I’m going to answer as Victoria. [x]

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aj lee & paige + purple & pink color splash // requested by

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"Here is the truth about the WWE is that it doesn’t matter that if you’re the best wrestler, it doesn’t matter if you’re the best talker, it doesn’t matter if you’re the best overall performer, it doesn’t matter if you make the two clowns sitting to my left on commentary look like amateur hour. There is a glass ceiling and nobody is allowed to break it. That’s the simple story of this place."

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*insert sentimental bullshit here*

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lmao i have never once heard legitimate critique of renee young

everything i hear is either of misogynists trashing her or insecure women who make really petty claims about her in order to try to demean her

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In a few minutes TWD Trailer will be released…


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anonymous asked: cameron or naomi?

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zigglerforchamp: "♡ Happy birthday! ♡"

thank you :)

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Now in .gif form!

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Klebekah Appreciation Week - Day Five → Most heartbreaking moment

"When youre sick and dying, and you beg for my blood, I will laugh in your face and compel you to forget me”

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